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Jeevan Sammelan

Life is about making sure we care about environment and surrounding this is how we can show our love to this planet

Hon Vivek ji was invited to speak as keynote speaker on the program organized by Moskhda environment organization.

Mokshda works wince many years as one of the pioneer organization to make the last rites of Hindu families more and more environmental friendly. Hon Vivek ji appreciated their efforts and called all the agencies and people like him to join in this movement.

On this program Sadhvi Ritambharat didi, Swami saraswati ji, and many other people were present.

Peace and prosperity - Raymond, Yavatmal


Vivek ji speaking about peace and prosperity in Raymond plant

I have nothing to preach but to share - Vivek ji

Letters from life

Hon Vivek ji during Maharshi Vidhya mandir program

Vivek ji meets President Ramnath Kovind


Hon Vivek ji meeting with President of India shri Ramnath Kovind ji

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