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Letters from Life

My life is open books, i share with you read the lines for your own

Hon Vivek ji was invited to speak with students at Patel Group of institutions at Bhopal and share his story of life. The youth interaction is one of those program where youth gets chance to get ignited by the powerful and inspiring voice of Vivek ji.

Hon Vivek ji said to students " my life is my learning i open this life to you and its up to you take what you like the most"

Hon Vivek ji spoke with students for over an hour and also answered the questions raised by the students.


Peace and prosperity - Raymond, Yavatmal


Vivek ji speaking about peace and prosperity in Raymond plant

I have nothing to preach but to share - Vivek ji

Letters from life

Hon Vivek ji during Maharshi Vidhya mandir program

Vivek ji meets President Ramnath Kovind


Hon Vivek ji meeting with President of India shri Ramnath Kovind ji

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