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Peace and Prosperity

"Peace is something that we all talk about it but to nurture peace in us we need to reflect and embed the principle of lord Mahavir for whom peace is about being in love"

Hon Vivek Ji spoke on length about Peace and prosperity ( the record will be live soon) which did mesmerized the audience, hon Vivek Ji said “peace is our nature, it is our human value, being in peace is our first right....but still this world has been so unhappy for many many years, the reasons lies on our understating of Peace. The understand peace we need to be AT PEACE”

Vivek Ji also said “ If this world need to be peaceful we require to pass, learn and express the teachings of Lord Mahavira “

On this occasion Hon Central social Justice minister, Government of India, Dr Thawar Chand Gehlot, Hon member of parliament from South Goa, Shri NK Sawarkar, the program coordinator of JES “Peace and Prosperity” Shri Sharad Sethi as well as Shri Ajay Kumar Singh global coordinator of AHA were present.

Peace and prosperity - Raymond, Yavatmal


Vivek ji speaking about peace and prosperity in Raymond plant

I have nothing to preach but to share - Vivek ji

Letters from life

Hon Vivek ji during Maharshi Vidhya mandir program

Vivek ji meets President Ramnath Kovind


Hon Vivek ji meeting with President of India shri Ramnath Kovind ji

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