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Shri Nijanand ji

Shri Nijanand ji is one of those rare individual and saint of this country whose life is the message to humanity. Who lived among masses of Khachrod, who took nothing from anyone, who gave inspirations to many to live a life and search for true self.

Hon Vivek ji has gone like every year to on 14th January to Shri Nijanand dham situated in Khachrod on the mahasamdhi day of Swami Nijanand a revered saint of India.

Now the Niajanand dham holy seat is graced by swami Satchidanand ji, with whom Vivek ji shares a special relation. On this occasion Swami Nrayan Giri and others were also present.

Peace and prosperity - Raymond, Yavatmal


Vivek ji speaking about peace and prosperity in Raymond plant

I have nothing to preach but to share - Vivek ji

Letters from life

Hon Vivek ji during Maharshi Vidhya mandir program

Vivek ji meets President Ramnath Kovind


Hon Vivek ji meeting with President of India shri Ramnath Kovind ji

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