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(1) It will have many stages. “Senior Citizen Project” is trying to work on many stages for seniors. The first step will be to make people realize, sensitize towards their responsibilities towards the elders. Actually I feel that as a whole-socially there is a reduction in our thinking, principles, views, our dialogues considering the elders. The situation in which the elders of our society or anywhere else in this world is due to all the above factors. I have stated earlier too that I don’t plan on making a home for the old aged instead I am trying to strengthen their present situation where they are and that they become an active participant of society.Elders have a bigger experience of life, the coming generations can learn a lot from these experiences. “Senior Citizen Project” stresses on this important aspect and thus a link must be developed between the elders and children, a link that connects history with the future, walking on an edge between the yesterday and the today.

“Senior Citizen Project” will develop a platform where these two generations stand as helpmates, as associates, where the youth can learn a lot from the elders; the elders have events of their life, their personal adoration towards life, their thoughtfulness towards life, their own place, stand in society, as a person, as a personality, through the regulations of society, through religion, through spirituality; the society has benefitted from them. If the youth strikes a chord with the elders, if they can persist a communication with them then a major part will be accomplished. Actually any nation’s, any society’s predicament starts when the history and the present do not communicate, when there’s no dialogue between the past and the present. My endeavor is to develop communication, dialogue between these two where the aged will learn from the youth and vice a versa, together the aged and the young, the history and the present, the past and the today; both together will welcome a new future! Bharat’s golden history, Bharat’s rock-solid history, the history that every Indian is proud of, that history when there was communication between the two generations! An attempt for that dialogue…

(a) Under this step another task would be to contact every strata of society and request them that if there has been any elder in their life, be it an elder, a teacher, mother, father, uncle or some hero of society who has shared their life’s important experience, knowledge with them. A medium has to be selected to share this knowledge with all, and so the the elders will become an active part of society.I feel that the elders have so much experience, this experience; the knowledge from these experiences must be shared with the coming generations. Every family has these learnings from their elders which we follow, which we remember but is limited to the families only or at the most is shared with a few friends. If we spread or promote these learnings, if we compile these as articles, like collection of stories then this would be such a splendid work, these learnings will find a new way of reaching to the society.

So I believe that we must urge all those people to share the photo/s of the elders who have shared or is sharing their experiences, their lessons of life to send it to us, to share this photo/s, learnings with us which we will publish on a website, and even a collection of books can be done. Just imagine these learnings will spread to so many people. Their thoughts will reach the people and life’s profound inferences will reach out in society, an influx of knowledge will start flowing and an ocean of knowledge will be generated. Above all a photographic database of our elders will be created.

(b) In this link we are also trying to celebrate a dialogue festival in our country. As it is, a lot of festivals are celebrated in our country but no such dialogue festival is celebrated. This festival will celebrate the dialogues between the past and the present. If we succeed in this program then a new seed will be sowed in the soils of our country wherein “Senior Citizen Project” will try to reach out in different cities and try to organize this dialogue festival wherein the older generation will communicate with the younger generation and vice a versa. Both the generations will come together; a new splendor of knowledge and a new cord of compassion will spread.Doing this work will sensitise the role of our elders in our society; this will help us in the other steps to be taken further.

(2) Now there will be one more level of experiment, of some experimental work in their life.   Today many senior citizens live alone; their children don’t live with them or are in far away cities, how can we help them in such situations? We will work on this. How can we help them in their routine life? We will set up honest volunteer groups in cities and villages that will meet and chat with these senior citizens regularly, will take care of their routine needs, will hang out with them, and their bills can be taken care of or can call the doctors if they are unwell.   In short, whatever that happens in a family can be done. For this I am trying to prepare an extensive database and in 2014 this experiment can be tried in some places, like some cities, some neighbourhoods; to make ready a volunteer group and this trial gets flagged. Taking all these points under consideration based on today’s technology, profound work has to be done.

(In this regard a workshop is being held in December in some cities in India by Shri Vivek Ji)

{Anand he Anand will start a pilot project for this mission in February 2015 under which a few cities of India and some neighbourhoods of these cities will be selected where this mission will be tried. If you want this mission to be started in your city or town, please contact us on our contact page.}

3.India is a land of giving; here people contribute their time, offer self labour, and many such different offerings or donations. This benevolence has lifted us from our narrow mindedness. This tradition of donation has given harmony to our country Bharat, and society develops harmony when it raises itself from its narrow mindedness and regards other person as a human being and “Senior Citizen Project” will work in this order. I would also want this “Senior Citizen Project” to work as a Harmony Project, Just think, if a templegoer takes a masjidgoer to masjid for namaaz and a person who celebrates Diwali celebrates Id with some elders……this will definitely generate a wave of harmony! I want to see “Senior Citizen Project” as a tradition of harmony too…

“Jeevan ke sammukh” discourse ( Hindi -2013)

– Shri Vivek Ji

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