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Ananda hi Ananda is happy to announce the Agastya award to Vishal Jamsawli Pad Yatra Samiti Pandhurna, Madhya Pradesh for spreading peace through their annual foot march from Pandhurna to Jamsawli in Madhya Pradesh India. 


The foot march or Pad yatra is also known as one of the longest foot march of India and world which completes the distance of 38 kilometer in a day. Tens of thousands of people from all walks of society walk in the peace march, a special occasion to express the togetherness in the fragmented world. Vishal Jamsawli Pad Yatra Samiti also engages with youth of the society, help the needy individual and create an atmosphere of love and peace. 


The Vishal Jamsawli Pad Yatra Samiti which is a non profit organization which  has been organizing this walk sine 2018 and Ananda Hi Ananda appreciate the activity why rewarding 2018 Agastya Award. 


This Award was given on 25th of December by the members of Ananda hi Ananda in presence of the founder Hon Vivek ji to the members of Vishal Jamsawli Pad Yatra Samiti in Pandhurna. 


The nomination application for the award for year 2019 will be open in the month of March to October. 

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