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Ramcharit Manas

A story of civilisation and culture 

Ramcharit manas is one of the most amazing scriptures from India, its not only a beautiful story written by Goswami Tulsidas but its also a wonderful poem. 


In India we have been been reciting the Manas for very long time but its a time when people should also get to know the each and every Chaupai and should be able to read and recite when they get time

- Vivek ji 


This is the sole reason to collect the Ramcharit Manas of Tulsidas and compile it in the digital form what people can read as and when they like. 


From here fro the direction of Vivek ji  the Manas project is born, it will be one of the longest digital poster making in the world which will compile all the Manas in digital posters form. 


After digital compilation, the Manas will be compiled in vocal form by Hon Vivek ji.


Join us in this one of the cultural revolution. 


You can send us an email or contact us through phone to support, we are looking for languages experts and translators who can translate Manas in other languages too. 

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