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"What work am i doing? The same work that we all should do to express peace, love and truth from us "-Vivek ji

Vivek ji as a man whose passion reaches all corners of existence, not rebel but he encouters everything that comes in life, a fearless since childhood. In his early childhood his interests took him to all the places in India, when ages 11 he attended his first holy festival Kumbh and then chardham yatra. Adventurist since his early age, deep interest in languages and culture, his interest and paasioon took him all yhe corners of the world throgh his college and formal edication. His education sums up with all the quarters of schooling and college beyond the national boundaries. He has the the touch of a man who speaks in language which is undertood by a village children to top corporrates, yogis and seekers all alike, whose message embarks journey of mankind.


Discover Let me walk to each and every village of India where resides the soul of this nation



 For 100s of years we are missing only peace within us and around



Living beyond boundaries



 I exist within you.......





Honorable Vivek ji is the founding spirit behind Ananda hi Ananada. Vivek ji is known in this world as a Philosopher, Spiritual guide, Writer, Poet, Social worker and Artist.

Vivek ji was born on September 1981, his education took place in many cities across India and abroad, but existence had chosen another path for him. In the year 2006 he returned (on request of Dr. Shivam who was the first person to organize program of Vivek ji in India) and devoted all his time speaking on many subjects, sharing his wisdom and understanding towards the life as well helping people through various meditation techniques.

It was in the year 2007 that a small group led by Dr. Shivam founded a volunteer team known as Ananda hi Ananda and started to organize Meditation program as well as sessions of discourses on various subjects at many places in India. Vivek ji had spoken on many subjects  such as Geeta, the holy scripture, Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Tantra, Vaastu, Jyotish(astrology),Hindu Dharma, Jeevan and Mritue ( life and death) Buddha:the soul of India, Sai Baba, etc on spiritual subjects and Gandhi, Indian politics, India’s Political and cultural suicide, Youth of India  etc. and various other subjects of our day to day life in Hindi and English

After various widespread discourses and public programs many people from different walks of life found their attraction towards his teachings and meditation methods (Vivek ji has spoken about 189 methods of Meditation that he has discovered currently 24 methods are practiced and every year Vivek ji introduces few more)

Vivek ji and his teaching has attracts many people across the world due to the simplicity, no frippery, the experience as well as a strong adherence of no commercialization.

Apart from holding meditation shivirs and speaking  on various subjects Vivek ji has initiated many social projects such as “Ignite” scholarship,  “Aadarsh” a senior citizen welfare project, “Aamn-Sangam” a project for cultural and communal integration, “Kavi Diwas” a project on cultural spirituality, “Annapurna” a project on Food security and village empowerment and many more (please look on our project section if you want to know more and participate)

Vivek ji travels extensively all over the world meeting, talking, speaking and sharing his experience with people/organizations. He is also involved in some of the international project for food safely and security in Africa and peace initiatives in troubled part of world.

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