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 "In fact the nation that gives importance to its history can dream of a possible future too"

- Vivek ji

"Throughout our life, the ‘today’ we had have is owed to them who have has stood by us, the founders of our base – the people who have given us the chance to move forward, who have been the witnesses of our history, who have strived in our history to create our present – the TODAY!

In fact the nation that gives importance to its history can dream of a possible future too. In today’s era, we have the history of our lives standing before us to which our society and we personally have been negligent in fulfilling our duties towards them…The reasons are many for this, but instead of listing the reasons we must focus on the more important – that is to fulfill our duties.

Yes, I am talking of all those mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers or all those elders who have contributed to nurturing our history, the result of whose efforts is our today. With both social development and many more other reasons combined, today many of our elders are living a lonely life; in fact there are many cases where we meet our loved ones, once over the years. Whatever may be the reasons but their life is very dreary, to what extent can we lessen this dreariness? How do we fulfill our duties towards them? How do we spread their experiences, their learnings to others? One day we all have to undergo the same stages of life as those many innumerable people who are now today.

And so I’ve thought that on spiritual grounds we must do some practical work for them, and this practical work will bring a new social momentum, will bring a new light! Come to think of it, you stay in some other city; your parents in another city, also someone else’s child of your city may be working in some other city and his parents are living alone here. If you and the parents, both meet or even if you don’t meet but a program can be organized wherein you can help the elders of your city and someone else does the same for your parents in some other city? Just think what a great work this will be, aid and love both will be received.

For months I’ve been thinking in this regard and a program has to be initiated named as “Senior Citizen Project”, a project for all our seniors. Planning is long but I wish that a dialogue must be established between the two generations and if these two connect; history will connect with the present, then will there be a possibility of any gap?   We have to once again unite Bharat, and one day we all will be a part of history but if the present connects itself at all times with it then the future will be matchless. Along with this I also wish to maintain a photographic collection of our seniors, through these pictures a truth of their life will reach to others; it will be a vast information and knowledge; which can be uploaded on a website or amassed in a book. In every family, elders have a particular learning, a teaching; which if reached to all will help us in sharing vast knowledge – for which a website will be created and will also be compiled in books. As you see, I want to take this project far ahead and I adore this history.

“Senior Citizen Project” will be a realization of our duties towards our elders, the project has very high aims but a basic thought is to give them selfless support and love"

“Jeevan ke sammukh” discourse (2013) ( in Hindi)

– Shri Vivek Ji

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