15th August, Challenges, Energy

A nation with a hope and vitality was born on the 15th of August 1947, a nation was born with lots of celebration, the celebration was for Independence, the celebration was to be able to choose our own destiny, the celebration was for our own future. MADE IN INDIA

Now after 63 years of celebration, I must say, I am looking for a different kind of celebration, and I would call that a synthesis of new thoughts.

What was the base of the Indian freedom movement? What was it about? It was about finding the reasons that brought us a slavery of foreign domination; it was about understanding the mistakes to make a new start again. I would say it was about new thoughts, new energy and courage for a thoughtful future.

After India’s freedom if we have not lost all of it, at least we have forgotten most of it. At this very special day instead of celebrating the day of our Independence, I would like to