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15th August, Challenges, Energy

A nation with a hope and vitality was born on the 15th of August 1947, a nation was born with lots of celebration, the celebration was for Independence, the celebration was to be able to choose our own destiny, the celebration was for our own future. MADE IN INDIA

Now after 63 years of celebration, I must say, I am looking for a different kind of celebration, and I would call that a synthesis of new thoughts.

What was the base of the Indian freedom movement? What was it about? It was about finding the reasons that brought us a slavery of foreign domination; it was about understanding the mistakes to make a new start again. I would say it was about new thoughts, new energy and courage for a thoughtful future.

After India’s freedom if we have not lost all of it, at least we have forgotten most of it. At this very special day instead of celebrating the day of our Independence, I would like to celebrate the ideas of India’s freedom movement.

What as a nation do we need most now? What are our biggest challenges? I would like to start with few that make me to think India.

Our biggest challenge is ENERGY. Nothing would run if we don’t have enough energy. (And we know that we have not enough) Since 1947 whatever action we took to make us energy or power sustainable were major disasters, we only did what other nation were doing without thinking in terms of our country. We never thought do we need these so called new temple of India? (Nehru ji said once that the dams are going to be the new temples of India) The result is in front of us, a massive agriculture land is gone under water, major displacement of ancient societies living in that part of land, unfinished infrastructure which would never get finished, and not to mention the cost of these cement concrete structure to pour shame on us. (We are still paying the bills)

Now after these many years the power situation in most of the Indian cities/villages is pathetic, the worst is at villages (who basically gave the land for power projects), I was in Madhya pradesh few days back and their in most of the villages power does not go but it comes only for few days in a month, sometime only for two or three days in a week for 4 to 6 hours. This is all happening in the year 2010, I couldn’t believe that we are on board with 21st century.

India and Indian states needs to think about it how we can empower villagers to make their own power. There are various options like solar to wind power plants. If we can empower our villagers for electricity we will be empowering them to build this country with us. Now 56% population in India, living in villages are not helping us to build this nation, they have no power so no industry, no industry so no good education and if no good education so no good youth to take the challenges on. We need to empower these 56% people of this country, because we cannot alone build this country without them. We have done that mistake soon after independence where villages were left on mercy of local landlords, we cannot do same mistake again and again. If we need to build this country we need hands from each section of society.

But why still our government is not thinking in this term? Why our bureaucrats are not making wide action plan for it? If they are making any plan of action why the situation is worst then before? Where there is a gap? I have no idea about it but still have a plan.

Let us take only few small steps that we would try to find out at least one renewable energy source/supplier around our cities, districts, towns that can give us some tools for sustainable energy, it could be anything from a small solar torch to a couple of solar panels to give us some power. If we do not find any we shall must encourage businessman’s to start this sort of activity that you will support or some others too.

Let us make ready that we would not leave any of our young children’s around us to motivate them to find out sources of renewable energy businesses and their impacts on society, if there will be easy channeling of good source and if services are provided easily, people will find it easy to invest some money in renewable energy sources instead of not having power. It will give some good income too in villages where youths are simply not finding any good jobs, it will train the young mind too to overstep the challenges coming in front of us.

Let us all go back for a moment to villages near around us, would it not be great if we can find a family of ours or our watchman, household worker, driver etc. to support them in making a house running with power coming from renewable source of energy, to model them for all the villages?

I am aware of the problem that the cost of renewable source of energy like solar panels is very high and total cots of implementation can very high. Is it not possible for us to ask our leaders to find a way for it before giving vote to any national party? Can not the youth of this nation takes a decision that we will not listen to any Rahul, Sonial, Manmohan, Advani, Shivraj, Modi, Mayavati, Mulayam, unless they talk about renewable source of energy for villagers, and must try to find an economic formula for it?

Otherwise we shall stop listening to those leaders who can stay in Dalit house but can not think about power in Dalit household. We shall stop listening to those leaders who have money and manifesto to make a Ram temple but can not give energy to the devotees of Ram. We do not need young leaders; we need young thoughts to challenge the future to overcome our burden.

Can not we decide that we will refuse any spiritual leaders who talk about Yoga, meditation, consciousness, spiritual development unless they talk about Human development? We should not listen to any Ramdev, Ravishankar, Tarun shree, Asharam, Murari ji, Including Vivek ji, unless they talk about and make the system moves in the direction of empowering energy deficit societies.

Otherwise we shall stop listening to those spiritual leaders talking about Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya, Ram katha those who can not create a change in our consciousness for the biggest problem of Indian society: Energy

There will be many more great ideas but we need to come together, to find a way to sustain the life in villages thus they can help us to build their country, a country which shall held on with each and every individual of this nation.

Only small steps would go quite further.

Vivek ji

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