Agricultural land acquisition issue

India is the country of farmers , where 70% people work on the farmland and a great amount of the land is devoted for farming.” These are some words what we used to study in our primary school, but now it is not going to be studied any more in Primary schools. Because the country India, which is facing the biggest challenge on environmental planning is now preparing for its disaster. India is now on the brink of environmental disaster , but the eyes of planning and welfare department from each and every sphere of social strata is deep in sleep, or does not want to get up, by the challenges what the future is going to face on the name of development and industrialization.

India is a rich country where poor people lives, sometime a great writer quoted in his book, it took time to realize it, always in India it takes time to realize the truth, because the sleep and ignorance is such that even on the sake of our lives and environment we keep our mouth shut.