An open letter to Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev challenges the verdict of the honorable high court of New Delhi which sought the freedom from the draconian act of criminal procedure no.377, and declares the freedom of homosexual…. declares the freedom of those who have sought to live their life with their free choice…. declares the freedom of all those who have different voices for their sexual and emotional life …declared the freedom for the people of this country who have come forward to say yes we are different then main stream but you can not crush our choices and we are not going to sacrifice our wishes for the system and Gurus those who have no understanding of nature and its wishes for human soul.

I have been respecting Baba ji early days for his move to publicize the Yoga in India and in international level, especially when he had done work on the scale where millions of people are now practicing yoga in their home without any need of Guru. Basically I had a great respect of that man because he took the tradition of Yoga from the hand of Gurus and made it a manner of day-to-day practice of life.

But today his comment on Homosexuals and its version had raised a voice inside me. A voice within my self had asked me to clear the view of spirituality, religion and culture t