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Brahmos, nothing to rejoice

Few days back I was watching television where I saw most of the news channel in India wittingly sighted to give a proud to the nation by exclaiming the power of Brahmos, the new missile that India fired to prove its warheads and deadly power to the nations across the border. (Brahmos name comes from a combination of the names of two rivers: India's Brahmaputra and Russia's Moscow, I wish if we could have shared the idea of our civilization to show the progress in this world, than this missile)

Not the Brahmos but the idea of deadly weapons proudly chosen by the media anchors made me think about the country that once upon a time chose its philosophy, education, libraries (Nalnada was the place in Bihar which still could be seen in ruins where the library was burnt and it kept burning for six month, this many books it had!) and the idea of human growth to prove her decisive role in the world, how changed the direction of its proven destiny just in some hundreds of years?

I was brought at the same time on the vary news where a tribal women (who objected the ill behavior of a Policeman’s son) was burnt alive by a son of policeman in Madhya Pradesh, still the system of justice and its power are not working.

I was ashamed to know that a MLA in UP has burnt his girlfriend alive and had run away from the scene and still not caught.

The two shameless crimes against women, for whom parliamentarian are fighting these days in Delhi, one side government has a banner of 33% reservation for women in parliament and some are against it.

I felt tangible the time I heard a story where two children’s who were caught by hospital administration in Jabalpur while offering to sell their kidneys in poverty.

I did not know what we are trying to prove by Brahmos, our fear or the system failure, which is running across the line everyday in India? What we have to offer to prove our goal of development, Brahmos or the day-to-day struggle of life, which exists in this country?

I personally felt I have noting to rejoice when there is a lot to do on the social front of upheavals, how can I feel happy by a fired missile which is going to bring more and more poverty to the nations health while the funds are going to be utilized for making killing machines.

I do not doubt that when the world is getting operated under the clouds of fear definitely one nation can not avoid it but how come there is no hope in our thoughts too to prove we are not inclined to join the same line of fear in India while exclaiming to be a nation of philosophy.

I do not doubt that the slavery of past hidden in colonial agenda had brought the deep rift in the consciousness of this country but now after entering an era of change I personally felt to see the change in our ideas too.

The strong nation what we offer to say by exclaiming Brahmos does not need to be proved by deadly weapons but it comes through the places where we shape the world of tomorrow by giving the best education, by claiming the best social security measures to the citizens who make this world of ours, by providing the best amenities to daily care, by making a strategic goal while offering the best judicial system in the world.

I found we had not any to offer, but we are claiming to have the best missile single only in this world which can kill the enemy in the sea front, we did not have any to prove the best research institutions not running on bureaucratic prejudices.

I found we had not any to offer the best system of village empowerment that can prove the destiny of India for its future, so we chose instead Brahmos, wow! the idea of claiming our historic inheritance.

I wish we would have made a progress on the line where human start to become humane, where the lives of people does need to be shaped by the fear across the border instead it becomes the mirror to change it self.

I wish to believe that one day we will not feel proud on the missiles which are proved to be deadly and media will not conglomerate it self on it, but instead we will make schools which are best in the world and then send messages in the world that yeah we have one sort of schools that does not exist in the world.

I wish one day missile wont be a matter of thought when we will have to claim the best libraries in the world in each and every cities of India and government will sponsor those scheme to run on from where the education will start to take its shape on individual thoughts of nation building.

I wish one day we will acknowledge our progress not by deadly weapons but by providing the best health care system to the citizens of this nation, where we will prove not the health of our weapons but of citizens those who makes a nation healthier.

I wish one day we will assure our progress not by warheads but by providing the best system of education where each and every individual is free to progress without any hindrances of any bills or quotas.

I wish one day the nation India will prove her proud by exclaiming the best practices of social security for her inhabitants, to show the accord of one nation.

I wish one day the country will not roar by firing one missile but it will bring to a standstill the progress of any human killing machine and will not sacrifice its aim of progress and development in the country of Mahatma Gandhi.

That day I will definitely rejoice with all of you but not today, forgive me not to share my hand while exclaiming the vigor of a deadly missile.

Vivek ji 

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