Brahmos, nothing to rejoice

Few days back I was watching television where I saw most of the news channel in India wittingly sighted to give a proud to the nation by exclaiming the power of Brahmos, the new missile that India fired to prove its warheads and deadly power to the nations across the border. (Brahmos name comes from a combination of the names of two rivers: India's Brahmaputra and Russia's Moscow, I wish if we could have shared the idea of our civilization to show the progress in this world, than this missile)

Not the Brahmos but the idea of deadly weapons proudly chosen by the media anchors made me think about the country that once upon a time chose its philosophy, education, libraries (Nalnada was the place in Bihar which still could be seen in ruins where the library was burnt and it kept burning for six month, this many books it had!) and the idea of human growth to prove her decisive role in the world, how changed the direction of its proven destiny just in some hundreds of years?

I was brought at the same time on the vary news where a tribal women (who objected the ill behavior of a Policeman’s son) was burnt alive by a son of policeman in Madhya Pradesh, still the system of justice and its power are not working.