Dhammapada /Yamakvaggo 15-20

Dhammapada /Yamakvaggo
Lord Buddha

इध सोचति पेच्‍च सोचति, पापकारी उभयत्थ सोचति। सो सोचति सो विहञ्‍ञति, दिस्वा कम्मकिलिट्ठमत्तनो॥15 Here he grieves, hereafter he grieves; the evil-doer grieves in both existences. He grieves and he suffers anguish when he sees the depravity of his own deeds.

इध मोदति पेच्‍च मोदति, कतपुञ्‍ञो उभयत्थ मोदति। सो मोदति सो पमोदति, दिस्वा कम्मविसुद्धिमत्तनो॥16

Here he rejoices, hereafter he rejoices; one who performed meritorious deeds rejoices in both existences. He rejoices and greatly rejoices when he sees the purity of his own deeds.

इध तप्पति पेच्‍च तप्पति, पापकारी उभयत्थ तप्पति। ‘‘पापं मे कतन्ति तप्पति, भिय्यो तप्पति दुग्गतिं गतो॥17

Here he is tormented, hereafter he is tormented; the evil-doer is tormented in both existences. He is tormented, and he laments: "Evil have I done." He is even more tormented when he is reborn in one of the lower worlds (Apaya).

इध नन्दति पेच्‍च नन्दति, कतपुञ्‍ञो उभयत्थ नन्दति। पुञ्‍ञं मे कतन्ति नन्दति, भिय्यो नन्दति सुग्गतिं गतो॥18

Verse 18: Here he is happy, hereafter he is happy; one who performs meritorious deeds is happy in both existences. Happily he exclaims: I have done meritorious deeds." He is happier still when he is reborn in a higher world (suggati).

बहुम्पि चे संहित भासमानो, न तक्‍करो होति नरो पमत्तो। गोपोव गावो गणयं परेसं, न भागवा सामञ्‍ञस्स होति॥19

Though he recites much the Sacred Texts (Tipitaka), but is negligent and does not practise according to the Dhamma, like a cowherd who counts the cattle of others, he has no share in the benefits of the life of a bhikkhu (i.e., Magga-phala).

अप्पम्पि चे संहित भासमानो, धम्मस्स होति अनुधम्मचारी। रागञ्‍च दोसञ्‍च पहाय मोहं, सम्मप्पजानो सुविमुत्तचित्तो। अनुपादियानो इध वा हुरं वा, स भागवा सामञ्‍ञस्स होति॥20

Though he recites only a little of the Sacred Texts (Tipitaka), but practises according to the Dhamma, eradicating passion, ill will and ignorance, clearly comprehending the Dhamma, with his mind freed from moral defilements and no longer clinging to this world or to the next, he shares the benefits of the life of a bhikkhu (i.e., Magga-phala).

यमकवग्गो पठमो निट्ठितो।

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