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Dhammapada /Yamakvaggo 9-10

Dhammapada /Yamakvaggo
Lord Buddha

अनिक्‍कसावो कासावं, यो वत्थं परिदहिस्सति। अपेतो दमसच्‍चेन, न सो कासावमरहति॥9

He who is not free from taints of moral defilements (kilesas) and yet dons the yellow robe, who lacks restraint in his senses and (speaks not the) truth is unworthy of the yellow robe.

यो च वन्तकसावस्स, सीलेसु सुसमाहितो। उपेतो दमसच्‍चेन, स वे कासावमरहति॥10

He who has discarded all moral defilements (kilesas), who is established in moral precepts, is endowed with restraint and (speaks the) truth is, indeed, worthy of the yellow robe.

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