Enough is enough- Mumbai attack

The terrorist attack on Mumbai had not only shown the vigor of violence , but had shown how a system failed to prevent an attack , how a system failed to retaliate the attack as it happened. It had shown that how in India the system works and how a country of 1 billion is still held on by the god or supreme power. 

I remember a joke which reminds me something about the attack. Once a German came to visit the biggest steel plant of India , and he was amazed to see that machine are working without any operators because operator had gone for a Beedi or pan. How workers do not respect any security warning and work on major site of accident without getting harmed. He saw so many things which could have an outbreak of accident in any other country but not in this country. He was asked by the reporter if he could see after his visit in India.... India is progressing in the technological level or not? ….he was confused but said I don't know about anything but I have one proof which I would like to share and It is ….That God exist and only exist in India because things run even when they could have collapsed as they are running here in any where else.