Gandhi In India

Once on my way to New Delhi, I asked a farmer, what he thinks about the great leaders of India, like Gandhi? What have they given to nation? He replied, “ HOLIDAYS”

This seems to be an honest answer of a person who had been watching the different cycles of politics and social changes in India.

Today is the birthday of the great leader of India, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, widely known as Mahatma Gandhi. Rajghat is going to be packed from sunrise to the sunset with the visitors across the nation. Widely known to merely unknown leaders would come to pay their homage to the great leader. Various program are getting organized each year on his birthday, Governmental and non governmental too. Giving a special scheme to other mundane activity, yes-mundane activities start on this day.

Yes I call them mundane because they do not seem to go anywhere. Could anyone recall what has happened to Indira Awas yojana (Indira house planning), which is one of them?

Gandhi is literally forgotten in India and how he has been forgotten is very interesting. In 61 years Gandhi and his life only  became a myth, only a