I have a story to tell you Mr. Jairam Ramesh

It is not long back in Indian history books when environment ministry was seen an office without a portfolio in political circle and its not far back when a former environment minister was fined by Supreme court due to his negligence in keeping environment regulation ( while minister of same) for his own hotel at Himachal Pradesh. This is how an average India had seen environment ministry growing within India. 

BUT since Jairam Ramesh has took over as current environment minister in congress ruling regime this ministry has a special charm, not even a week goes without having a big news made by Minister of environment Mr. Jairam Ramesh. Sometime due to his blunt views on various issues and sometime his magnet views on various projects where environment ministry had sought stern action. Examples are numerous but some are due to have special attention like recent remark of his ministry on Adarsh housing society of Mumbai. 

A common Indian man had seen someone like Jairam as winner of Indian cause, who uses Media as his weapons, who knows against whom and when to take action, who knows well by his ideological understanding what it meant to start a propaganda and for sure he had been a winner since beginning, I would say India had got someone who knows what to use and when to use.