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I have nothing to preach but to share - Vivek ji

Vivek ji during opening of Regional cultural meet of Maharshi Vidya mandir

Hon Vivek ji was invited to preside on the opening ceremony of regional cultural program of Maharshi Vidya mandir Yavatmal, Maharastra. During this program many eminent individual from Maharshi Vidya mandir school group were present as well as Shri Ajay Kumar singh, coordinator, Global advisory council Ananda hi Ananda.

During this program Hon Vivek ji spoke for some length and shared many things with the students from Maharshi Vidya mandir and he said " I have nothing to preach and I have not come here to preach anything but I have only to share. I exceptionally love to come and speak with kids, youth in this world because they carry the spark to change this world"

There were many point what Hon Vivek ji spoke on, he also stressed the importance of having questions in our mind.

Vivek ji, In Maharshi Vidya mandir


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