In search of Indian Identity after Ayodhya

This week in Indian history if I have to name I will name it as a week of Indian identity, there are various reasons to do that but the most important one what I see is that, this is the first time when India is in the middle of understanding her identity.

30th October was destined for a decades long battle and its verdict for the most awaited Ayodhya case, 2nd October is the Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and 3rd October is the day for opening ceremony of Commonwealth games.

A very interesting sequence, before Gandhi’s Birth anniversary was a day, which hyphened the tension in government circle and within political parties, and just after the anniversary is day that has brought India altogether opposite what Gandhi ji would have hoped for. (I believe Gandhi ji would have said no to the commonwealth games, he would have gone on fast on wasting taxpayer money)