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In search of Indian Identity after Ayodhya

This week in Indian history if I have to name I will name it as a week of Indian identity, there are various reasons to do that but the most important one what I see is that, this is the first time when India is in the middle of understanding her identity.

30th October was destined for a decades long battle and its verdict for the most awaited Ayodhya case, 2nd October is the Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and 3rd October is the day for opening ceremony of Commonwealth games.

A very interesting sequence, before Gandhi’s Birth anniversary was a day, which hyphened the tension in government circle and within political parties, and just after the anniversary is day that has brought India altogether opposite what Gandhi ji would have hoped for. (I believe Gandhi ji would have said no to the commonwealth games, he would have gone on fast on wasting taxpayer money)

It was very interesting to see that whole country was made in a fortress just before Ayodhya verdict. I think politicians of India and the government both were paranoid by the outcome of the results, politicians feared a battle on streets by common masses but nothing like this happened. Public heard the verdict and went home to celebrate a long weekend ahead. Politicians were amused and challenged, and why not? Only in this country government and politicians are not having understanding of their countryman’s mood.

This is a truth that in past political parties and politicians showed their ability to swing masses on their rhetoric and were able to manage a road side drama but this time nothing like that happened. Now media wanted to take their hand, they wanted something new in the news, commonwealth games were not any more fun they tried their best to make the court verdict one sided and not pure, tried hard to help in creation of road side drama but could not do so, India has changed. Media was amused by the reaction they lost the biggest week for which they employed several journalist and photographer to see back again Indians quarreling to each other, nothing like this happened people were not touched by the verdict and even if they did it was their personal feeling.

I was watching news and saw political commentator completely lost, Yogendra yadav a broiling commentator and a good mind was lost in his interpretation of the verdict, was trying to renounce it as one sided, Barkha Dutt for almost one hour after the verdict was on Live and tried to give an another shape to the verdict but none of them succeed and this makes me feel that from Media to Political commentator failed to understand Indian mind.

I was thinking what a miracle just the day before Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth anniversary; people showed peace and harmony, for me this day Mahatma was alive.

India is a country of self-contradiction in all sense of drama. The Babari- Ram temple battle is another example. This was the place where two faiths came together centuries ago to pay their homage to two different ideas of divine and it went on for centuries but politicians destroyed everything and we faced the biggest challenge on Indian identity. Mahatma Gandhi to whom this country believed as father of nation, is altogether left none of his countryman and his progenitor politician follow him, neither him nor his ideology but still reap his name, fame and glory to count votes. What will be the most tragic for Gandhi is that he is given the fame of Father of a nation to which he hardly gave any push. I accept that Indian freedom struggle was shaped and directed by Gandhi ji but after Freedom whatever happened in this country there is nothing or hardly anything that could be denoted as Gandhian. India is not shaped by Gandhi ji’s philosophy and ideals but by Nehruvian ideas, which let India, failed for several times. What we have done with Gandhi in this country is a shame on his ideals, like printing his pictures in Indian currency notes, the most contradictory of his ideals because none of Indian government had ever worked on Gandhi’s idea of economics though he is seen in Indian currency notes. Most of the road named after Gandhi ji (widely known as MG road) are sometime dirtiest circle of the town. In this country where Gandhi ji worked day and night to bring the idea of national workforce the government celebrate his birthday with a holiday en mass.

Today the commonwealth games are starting, a massive project by Government of India, there is nothing to say about it, Media had a good time with it but just to conclude that these games will happen anyhow, I do not doubt about it but would have loved to see Indian government pursuing other issues of national interest with same interest where a prime minister of the country took a lead role. I wish Our PM Manmohan Singh had taken that much interest in primary school education and food security.

One of my friend Kaiser Alam said something to me long time back, I would like to end this column with his words. He said “ Vivek ji this country does not run by government, bureaucrats or people like you, this country directly run by god or how else this can survive each and every blow of her existence? No one else seems to be working here, very few seems to be thinking about her but still she has not collapsed, who needs better example of a lord running nation.”

Vivek ji

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