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Indian army General Vs united Indian political class

I was enjoying warm sun in a beautiful #French city #Rennes when i read some interesting development back in home country; India, the content of development made me speak loudly to myself that ; hey... India is a funny country is not it ? Otherwise where else it is possible that a leader who himself was arrested, jailed and brought in to the court on charges of serious corruption cases would demand in the Parliament of india to sack Army chief. I also read that another regional party that has tainted ministers on their régional govt with several charges of Indian penal code demanded immediate action on army General? But what has brought all this tremendous busy day for journalist ?

It was very simple, a few days back Army chief of India has bothered to pay some attention to the corruption in an Interview, he went on record that he was offered a bribe. Sooner there was another explosion when a letter  has surfaced in the media originally written by Army chief to the Prime minister of India giving true notes of present state of Indian Military.

Indian political class in utmost readiness noticed that what is permissible and what is not  for the Army General? They also lamented who shall be sacked and who shall be spared ? In their own moral understanding they pressed hard on TV channels about what is good and what is ugly for this country? They also had an understanding about what is constitutional and what is anti national, I wish they all would have learnt this by heart and should have practiced while sitting in parliament and should have not only remembered when somebody else is in the dock of Journalistic question.

This seems to be very funny that total indian political class is united against the fight with the General and why not in their trauma of anti political class drama run by Team Anna, it was very important to denounce something or somebody with a unanimous support. Having scared of their future it was not any more about individual political parties and their own silly differences but was about a political class. ( I would call them silly as none of the differences has any ideological metaphor)

Indian political class has always been very cautious towards the generals of Indian military, navy, and air forces, as they do command a deep support within Indian political masses, they garner support not only from those who have nothing to play in decision making process of the country but also poets, film stars,cricketers, and all of above they carry the sentiment of a this nation. These are the tough days for Indian politics as one side Team Anna led by NGO veteran ( I would not call him Gandhian, let the Mahatma be in peace, i believe there was no other Gandhian after Gandhi) and former soldier Anna hazare is digging deep into politics of India and political class at the same time prestigious army général has echoed the same language of Team Anna, corruption is everywhere. General is not on line of fire by his mere interview but he is on fire as he has given another sentiment to the nation, he has echoed sharply that even he is not spared of bookies, he has not only echoed that he had informed according to the constitutional norms to his senior who happen to be defense minister, though no action is been taken against bookies. The CBI enquiry only came into light once General was out in media, giving the facts of his unwillingness.

Indian political class is facing the biggest question of their existence in Independent India, its not due to that some people have opened a front initially against ruling party which later turned against political class but the pathetic nature of institutional development, the common misery of Indian state of governance and a vibe that has given the idea of questions to every Indian who has the eyes to see and courage to react.

A very old leader in Parliament was very upset few days back on the remark posed by team Anna members on Parliamentarian as it is well understood how a true parliamentarian would feel when few of them have been trying to work harder in politics, a selfless service which used to be a name of politics. Their anger is understood but they are also responsible for the chaos that political class has in their front, they have shunned their conscience to the corruption, to the unholy alliance of Business and politics, money and muscle, they shall be spared to call corrupt and inactive but they must be named as those who have sold their attitude to the common malpractices which helped to fracture the dream that we all have for this nation.

India in her arm has jewels to give but it has given  to her children's, administrative hurdles, police brutality, mess in the society, menace in development, scary Policies, endless chain of corruption, class, caste, and religious politics that outweigh the unity among her citizens, nexus of criminals of politics, and it all promoted by the so called Indian political class.

Let’s come back to General i have to tell him something ; respected General you have became a scapegoat while Indian political class is trying to take back the reign of Indian democracy, like many of those soldiers who have given life for Mother India, somehow i see you scarifying similarly. Wish you a lot of courage to rage the fight and do not forget there is now a former soldier (from your own army) who has forced government and political parties to think their understanding to India. You are a General and keeping your history and background of army you may find an honorable place in his company. Do not forget that you have always taken time to get on the path that you should have chosen earlier but this time do not miss the chance and opt for a better path.

For General V.K. Singh with Love

Vivek ji

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