Indian army General Vs united Indian political class

I was enjoying warm sun in a beautiful #French city #Rennes when i read some interesting development back in home country; India, the content of development made me speak loudly to myself that ; hey... India is a funny country is not it ? Otherwise where else it is possible that a leader who himself was arrested, jailed and brought in to the court on charges of serious corruption cases would demand in the Parliament of india to sack Army chief. I also read that another regional party that has tainted ministers on their régional govt with several charges of Indian penal code demanded immediate action on army General? But what has brought all this tremendous busy day for journalist ?

It was very simple, a few days back Army chief of India has bothered to pay some attention to the corruption in an Interview, he went on record that he was offered a bribe. Sooner there was another explosion when a letter  has surfaced in the media originally written by Army chief to the Prime minister of India giving true notes of present state of Indian Military.