Indian census is about?

Soon after the census report was out there was a kind of noticing effect in Media all over the world, i am at the moment in Europe and felt the Indian census effect here too, and why not another  populous country is taking shape. The population explosion is not only a worry case for India and Indian's ( if it is all a worry case?) but now its on all over world, there are going to be over a billion people sharing the natural resources with the rest of the world and only one country India is going to take almost ⅙ share in it.

For me Indian population explosion is about few mistakes which we as Indian were never able to work out and tragedy of the case is yet we are not ready to work on it, another day a friend of mine from India asked me what i think about current census and our population explosion? I said well its about Sex Vs reproduction, Idea Vs Identity and movement Vs campaigns.

Sex Vs reproduction

Out current population explosion is about our 500 years misunderstanding of sex and reproduction and that comes from social repercussion and moral policing where sex is only about reproduction or sex does become or ends up with reproduction.We as a society are unable to clarify and understand that sex and reproduction are two different things. If we had been cleared and understood or would have