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The Journey of Love- Vivek ji

We can live for wars, we can live for money, we can live for power, we can live for greed, but why cannot we live for love

This is complication of speech given by Vivek ji on the subject of #Love and #Life, the speech is known and admired as one on the best ever given speech on love and life

Love is the essence of Human beings

The eyes delve deep into eyes, two people merging in each other, when two individual lives become one in itself, this is what love means to me. When the duality goes then love begins, when emotions penetrate the whole sense of ego and when the thought of self becomes illogical, that is when love begins, when life becomes the meaning to itself that is when love begins.

Love so far…very few people have lived without words, mostly our whole entire race, entire population of this so called world, mostly live in words that has no meaning to our practical life, see, hundreds of book on love are published every so often, herds of writers are there to define and discuss about love. However, our whole life, the life of individual has no manifestation of love.

…Years after years something shows that we are not those people who are merged in love.

…Few, maybe there are a few who have the courage but not many, many of the mass is still afraid.

…Love is an issue of those who are having courage, courage to go, courage to lead, courage to open.

Love is an issue of courage and it seems very few of us are having courage, courage to open ourselves, to surrender ourselves. Love is a journey, journey to the unknown, a mysterious journey.

We are all afraid to dive in love, we talk about love, we preach about love but we are all the same people who are afraid. Love is an issue when you are fearless, when the fear is issueless then the real love begins, then the path, the journey leads in oneself which has a far greater depth and meaning than any investigation to philosophical question.

For me in this world if anything that matters is love and only love, for me the entire problem of our whole culture is based on only one aspect; how poor we are in gathering love, and giving love, feeling for it and living for it.

We can live for wars, we can live for money, we can live for power, we can live for greed, but why cannot we live for love …why not only once ….to know if it has any meaning, to know if it has any power in itself enough to change the destiny of mankind?

Why do we fear love? Why are we so afraid to face this question? I suspect, you all would think I am completely wrong, I am not having any understanding of human society because you are all the people who would say, you are in love because you love your mother, father, sister, neighbor, girlfriend, boyfriend, but for me I can sense that your whole life and belief is loveless. Even if it has a sense of love then how is it possible that you all are the same people who become violent, who shout slogans, who are voiceless in any misery, who keep mum when one side of the world is being destroyed, why?

For me your outer life represents, manifests the meaning of love, if you cannot come against the misery, it shows me you are not in love. If you have not come to fight against the tyranny of a ruler, it shows me you are not in love. If you have not come across to give service to mankind, it shows you are not in love.

Love is always in your periphery, either you have not let it through yourself or you have not given it a chance to make a way into yourself. Once love becomes the activity of your presence then it changes…it changes your whole attitude, once you become courageous to dive in love then you are courageous enough to fight any tyranny, any misdoing near you, the courage to be in love becomes the courage of your identity, this is how I see love.

Its courage, because once you start to dive in love you have to open yourself, to one who is capable to see you as you are, have you tried anytime to see who you are? We are people who do not know who we are exactly, have you asked yourself anytime who you are? Try to ask and you would have a hard time to know who you are, because we live in an illusion, these illusion can be anything from believing yourself to be a president, a prime minister, anything.

Once you dive yourself in love then the time comes when you need courage to open yourself, actually love happens when you let yourself loose, it is a process in which you open yourself, and with this a lot of things happen.

Firstly you start realizing who you are, which you had not before, which you did not dare, which you did not think, for the first time in your life you start to open yourself to see and to show, this requires huge courage. Courage for the one who is opening up and courage for the one who is ready to accept you as you are, it’s the only way, you have been accepted as you are, and you too have let yourself open as you are, with nothing left to hide, nothing left that is known only to you, now you are not intact in you, you are open.

Have you observed a flower, the beauty of it? Have you ever given it a thought or tried to reason out - the whole beauty of nature, from flowers to everything why it is so beautiful? Because it has opened itself, it has the courage to represent itself as it is! Have you ever thought of the peak of mountains, why it is so beautiful? Have you ever thought for a moment when rain is pouring in your city for days which restricts all movements - a thing you hate, but if you sit for a few minutes observing the deep clouds and heavy rains, you would realize and feel the beauty, the beauty of itself, which comes from the openness even though it’s hard to accept the after-effects of the heavy downpour.

The whole beauty, the concept of beauty lies on the fact of opening up, opening to this entire cosmos, and this needs courage, not only to open, but to accept someone openly too, as it is, this is real courage, because it can frighten you, it can be harder than to fight, to  battle, because once you accept someone as it is, you have accepted the whole nature of yourself, from hate, greed  to everything joyously, all this disappears when you dive in love. However, before that we are, greedy, jealous, and hateful.

To open oneself and to accept someone else’s openness, is a two sided process, a process of deep exchange in which an entire revolution takes place. It’s not easy to open up and it’s equally not easy to accept the openness of someone else, because it hurts our EGO, it strikes at our whole concept towards oneself, it hits the whole idea of oneself.

Actually, love is the first fight against the Ego, the identity, and the identity of self. For me the only thing that is so pure and spiritual is love, only love, because it perfects the job that all scriptures of spiritual worlds preach, “Destroy the EGO.”

Vivek ji

(From the discourse given on love and life)

This is complication of speech given by Vivek ji on the subject of #Love and #Life, the speech is known and admired as one on the best ever given speech on love and life

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