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Letters from Life - Hassan Al Kontar (1)

Hassan al Kontar in KL airport
Hassan al Kantor is Syrian citizen who is struck at KL airport in Malaysia for more then three months as no country is ready to take him. Vivek ji has pledged to write him a letter daily, because he is the symbol of hope.

Dear Hassan 

I know its been a long journey for you, still being at airport when every travellers wants to reach home as soon as they alight from any flight. You may have seen thousands of traveller coming and going from the airport, but you are where you are. 

I was thinking whole day about it, trying to understand your life for a long but whatever I would try to understand it will not be what you are going through. 

I read a beautiful comment in Change website where Erinn Davies write " Everyone deserves a home and it should not an airport" she says what millions of people want to say. Humans are Humans peace they made home where they can come back. Wherever we are as society it happens only because everyone has a home, home brought us together, villages, city, societies, culture and nations appears because there was a home. 

I have decided that I would like to write a letter to you everyday, share what I have to share, I am not expecting everyday a response from you, actually I have no expectations except I am planning a trip to meet you personally in KL. A question may come in your mind that why I want to write you everyday ? What made me to write you ? 

Actually for me you are strength for millions of people who are going through the same ordeal somewhere else, at the moment you are for me a symbol of hope, hope to challenge any circumstances and try to be peaceful.