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Letters from Life - Hassan Al Kontar (2)

Hassan al Kontar in KL airport
Hassan al Kantor is Syrian citizen who is struck at KL airport in Malaysia for more then three months as no country is ready to take him. Vivek ji has pledged to write him a letter daily, because he is the symbol of hope.

Tuesday 10th July , 2018 

Dear Hassan 

While I am sitting in Nagpur (do search in google about Nagpur in India) where rains have been lashing for last weeks. This the monsoon time for India, except southern states most of India receives the rain during this time. It does not only help to decrease the temperature but a boon for farmers. 

Many farmers in India still reply on Monsoon rains for crops, these rain helps in sowing the crops, but monsoons have been very chaotic these years, some call it climate change other just the bad luck. 

Speaking about farmers and farm, how can't I speak about food, food is something that defines the way we are. What kind of food do you like ? I saw your harrowing experience to get proper food in the airport, yesterday while I was having food I was thinking about you. 

Every time when I eat food I mostly think about those who may not be able to afford healthy or nutritious food, and I try to share my food with people who are needy. Generally I share the food specially fruits, since many people forget that for nutrition it's very important. There isa lot to do in terms of nutrition security in the world. 

talking about sharing, I have been thinking for long that what kind of system we as global citizens of the world can create where we can share things with others. It could be books, food, fruits, clothes, thoughts and lives. 

There are many organisation in the world that already do this but how it can go in the developing countries ? This is a big question, but I believe once we have sharing philosophy in our life we can do wonders together. I see the problem of this world as we do not allow enough sharing, we do not want to share. See how people are frightened to allow other people come in their countries, share resources, share knowledge ...we are becoming a culture fear. This culture would never allow the sharing, and without sharing we can not be human. 

For today this is the gist of my thoughts, hope you are doing fine in the airport today, do smile looking high on the sky for me.


Vivek ji 

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