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Love, Valentine day and Indian culture

Artwork by Vivek ji
A women standing in society - Artwork by Vivek ji

India has been preaching Krishna since the consciousness of Indian identity evolved to store the history of its culture. I personally acknowledge Krishna is the man whose honest philosophy was Love.

Meera, the lady who is still remembered and praised for her devotion towards the supreme, with whom she communicated through love. She was a living example of love and devotion.

Kabeer, the mystic Sufi saint of India who composed several couplets of poem, greatly praised the love as meant to submit oneself to the higher self, the supreme, the lord.

Now it is the time of Valentine day, I would not go in detail about the history of the event but societies around the world celebrate it as a day of compassion, devotion and at last to show someone the reflection of love. This is what I have meant by V-day, I could be wrong but that is how I see this day.

Whenever Valentine day is near about, several organization mushroom up in India to protest on the name of culture, any sort of event being organized on the day, situation does not stop here, sometime there is full protest which eventually turns as a violent protest against youth, against the young generation which is full of passion and love, the generation which is ready to surmise all the sickly behavior of society and make a sentiment to come over the burden laden society.