Our wounds, still fresh-Bhopal gas tragedy

Do we really care for all our fellow beings? Do our lawmakers have a sight to think about the problem what we face as common human beings of a country? Does the moral of corporate sector has any conscience to abide the morality? Does the character of poverty and corruption does not let the truth prevails in its wisdom?

I was accustomed with these questions on a very cruel day of history, the second of December. In the night of 2nd to 3rd December a tragedy curtailed its breadth in the Indian city of #Bhopal, where a poisonous gas leaked to swallow thousands of Indians, unknown Indians.

Still the wound of the tragedy has not been filled, people still remember the night when a historical disaster happened in this sleepy city. How they could have forgotten the misery, which showed a way for politician of India to work on but they never.