Save Gandhi or Save Legacy

Let me ask you something, might would cause lots of anger and depression but let me ask it to you, ask to all those who are cheering after the auction of Gandhi ji's belongings  was taken over by UB group. Let me ask to all of you whether you are part of a Government or media group or common man, what we are trying to save: Gandhi or his BELONGINGS? What there was so much outcry? When we cannot save his teachings and idea what we will get if we will be able to save his belongings? Here who matters Gandhi or his belongings? Let me ask…

Are we going to care ever for Gandhi ji? Or the fight is for saving legacy? Save Gandhi or save legacy?

Gandhi said “I believe that a man is the strongest soldier for daring to die unarmed. Peace is the force of this nation” and India spent 2.5% of annual GDP on military expenditure (2006) to arm the man and women to run killing machine on the verge when children need food. Save Gandhi or save Legacy ?

Gandhi ji said India is the nation of Villages and still, there are several villages without any facility of fresh drinking water.

Save Gandhi or save Legacy ?