The defeat of George Fernandes

The general election of 2009 was astounding, out of any theory and wielded a strong way across for the nation. It gave a new birth to the Congress party which has got after 18 years maximum number of seats ( + 200) in this election. But at the same time it has given a death to an entire movement too. The defeat of George fernandes is the defeat of whole socialist movement in India, which started by Ram manohar Lohia. The proclaimed Messiah of socialist cause.

The manner in which George fernandes was trapped is pathetic and sad, the man who came to fight the tyranny of Emergency and collided the way against was denied the ticket from his own party, but he ran the election only to loose, not only election but also the hope of an era which gripped India by the name of socialist movement.

Basically the socialist movement of India in the hand of Dr. Lohia was a cause to remove and overthrow the politics of caste which congress has paved somehow on the road of success to India.