Ujjain the city of God

I am just returning from my two days program, organized in Ujjain, the famous city of Madhya Pradesh. The place where people come to worship Lord Shiva the Hindu deity of creation, and absolute symbol of contradiction. 

The program was organized by Ananda hi Ananda with the help of several local organization. I stayed in a rest house. In India rest houses denote a special notion, government officials and politicians use it. I always had a special connection with rest houses, which goes back to my study time. I love these rest houses; the reason for which I like to stay in rest house is pretty simple. They are situated in the heart of city and they are so simple by default eco, architects of these rest houses were so creative, notion of historic simplicity. When the organizer asked me where I would like to stay, I said very promptly “ Rest house” if possible. I was replied back sure!

I reached early hours in Ujjain, the station was shredded with rubbish all over and I was really shocked to know that this is the city of Lord Shiva. Of course, tourism specially domestic one is always there, lots of people come to pray Lord Shiva. The deity is one of the 12 Lord Shiva symbol (Known as Jyotirlinga) spread in India. This city also hosts the Kumbh Mela. But I could not believe that where Shiva rests is this much dirty. Local government had not paid any attention to the cleanliness of the city where people come to clean themselves.