Where is the anti-corruption movement heading?

Anna Hazare a man with a military background, belonging to Maharashtra- a person lesser known in India before, a veteran activist and is unknowingly called a Gandhian by some. Since centuries India has been a country of tragedies, and this is another tragedy for India. Anna Hazare isn’t known for his own standings but for a skull-cap, simple methods of Dharna’s and hunger strikes -ways earlier used by Mahatma Gandhi.

As far as my understanding goes- Mahatma Gandhi was against any of isms, identity pontifications; and would be the last person who would like to see any Gandhian do this, this is why he named his own autobiography as “An Experiment With Truth”. It would take another century for India and Indian intellectual mass (if that exists) to debate on this topic. How come Gandhi ji was experimenting with truth? Why wouldn’t he choose to just live with it? Either he hadn’t known what the truth is or he wanted to see if the truth that he knew would work on him or not? There is no need to read his autobiography if one understands only the title of it. This is enough to understand Gandhi ji and his idea of life.