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Vivek ji doing Arti of Holy Narmada in Omkareshwar with, Mahant Mangaldas Tyagi, Usha thak

We believe that our rivers are holy because we know that they hold of the tale of Indian Civilization, and that tale is the glory of India." - Vivek ji

The well-known Amrutasya Ma Narmada Pad Parikrama, which Vivek ji initiated recently , is a spiritual and spiritually transformative 3000 km long trek along the holy banks of the Narmada River, spanning over three thousand kilometers. Contrarily, Vivek ji's association with river protection has a lengthy history. 


The center part of the subcontinent, close to the Multai river's sources, was the site of an effort by Honorable Vivek ji to protect sacred rivers in India. While on a foot march in the Betul region of Madhya Pradesh in 2015, Vivek ji solemnly vowed to restore the source of the Taapti River.  As a result of the average person's efforts and the goals set by Vivek ji, changes have been taking place subtly since 2015. The local government's backing and the residents' passionate involvement made this river rehabilitation initiative a success.


In an effort to bring attention to the issue and unite the common people in favor of safeguarding the Shipra River, Vivek ji was invited to take part in the Pad Yatra (Foot March) of the river after his 2016 Kumbh at Ujjain. In the blistering June heat, Vivek ji and tens of thousands of others walked 52 kilometers over the period of two days. Since then he had participated many times in Shipra parikrama. The government of Madhya Pradesh also invited Hon. Vivek ji to take part in the 2016 "Namami Devi Narmade" Yatra in December


Bringing people together, regardless of their political affiliation, and increasing public awareness are two of Vivek ji's constant calls for action to restore India's precious rivers. New ways of looking at the issue will be possible because of this. It is the duty of holy people and government agencies alike to walk, pray, and bring attention to this effort so that the common man might understand its significance. Since river pollution is totally our fault, the government can only take a supporting role in preventing it. The musical masterpieces of Indian civilization are housed in these rivers, which also supply us with drinkable water and help with agricultural endeavors. Their contamination and neglect also threaten societal harmony.


A river and the people who live along its banks are both crucial to Vivek ji's work on the holiness of holy river. For Vivek ji, the river and its banks represent sacred national heritage and ancient culture, respectively.

A Quote from Vivek ji
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