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Vivek ji during a poetry recitation

"My love and gratitude for this existence is expressed through poetry"- Vivek ji 

Vivek ji has written numerous poems in both Hindi and English, and he is passionate about poetry as a form of expression. In his own words "Poems are refined way of expressing gratitude towards this existence which has given everything to us"


Through a number of programs, Vivek ji has actively worked to revive poetry circles in India.


"Oneness is there because duality exist,

I exist because you exist,

May the form and lives are different,

But one creates the other, as has created,

I was a stone and still, but now I have been called a sculpture.

What a change one finds, I found it within you, with you,

Wish I remember the past in future, to see what I was and what I am now,

Not to differentiate but to define.


How can I say what happen, when the words does not find the way, they should,

May I say to the universe now, the silence has surpassed?

Deep with in you, I merge and merge,

Let the silence speak something, as you do

One exists within you".


                      -Vivek ji

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