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Ananda hi Ananda  is based on the thoughts of Honorable Vivek ji. It came into existence primarily to coordinate and to act as a link between Vivek ji and people/organization for his various programs and schedules. It is strictly a non commercial organization ran by volunteers.

After many program and increasing pressure on organization of Vivek ji’s schedule Ananda hi Ananda was founded, earlier the work of Ananda hi Ananda was to be a link between various people/organization who wanted to organize the program as well as recording, publishing the talks given by Vivek ji in online medium or in print. But later on Ananda hi Ananda has gone through a wholesome changes except it is still strictly non commercial and ran by team of devoted volunteers. Its basic works remain the same which is to coordinate the various programs.

Ananda hi Ananda runs on very strong principle that Vivek ji has laid down such as no commercializations for any program ( none of the sessions ran by Vivek ji are charged instead a donation is requested if any) discourses etc. the whole organization runs on small contribution given by many volunteers and well wishers. 

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