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Vivek ji's ideas form the basis of Ananda hi Ananda. In its original form, it served as a conduit for Vivek ji's schedule and programs, connecting him with other individuals and organizations. Volunteers and followers of Vivek ji run this entirely non-profit organization, which is officially registered as a foundation.


The original mission of Ananda hi Ananda was to facilitate communication between the many groups and individuals interested in coordinating Vivek ji's schedule, but this was subsequently superseded and Ananda hi Ananda was born. With the exception of remaining completely non-commercial and operated by a team of committed volunteers, Ananda hi Ananda has undergone some positive modifications since its inception. Its primary function, which is to synchronize different programs, has not changed.


With the establishment of Ma Narmada Gyan Peeth following Vivek ji's first parikrama on foot of the Holy Narmada, Ananda hi Ananda is responsible for overseeing a wide range of social works and projects, including food programs, heritage conservation, natural conservation, educational initiatives, the distribution of gifts to those in need, and many more. 

In addition to publishing original Sanatana texts, Ananda hi Ananda has also translated and published numerous works that will aid subsequent generations in re-discovering our shared literary heritage. 


​Vivek ji is a world traveler, often stopping in to speak with groups of independent intellectuals, researchers, and students. During his own time, he is actively active in a river conservation campaign, focusing on the Holy Narmada in particular. 

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