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"When we are creative this is when we are close to divine"
-Vivek ji

Vivek ji's passion permeates every aspect of existence. He fearlessly embraces all that life brings, a trait he has possessed since childhood. During his early childhood, he developed a keen interest in exploring various places in India. At the age of 11, he had the opportunity to attend his first holy festival, Kumbh, followed by a chardham yatra.Adventurist since his early age, deep interest in languages and culture, his interest and passion took him all the corners of the world through his college and formal education and else. His education encompasses all the quarters of schooling and college that he pursued beyond national boundaries. He possesses a unique ability to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life, ranging from village children to top corporate executives, yogis, and seekers. His message resonates with individuals from diverse backgrounds and sets them on a transformative journey.

Vivek ji in France


Discover not the others but you who is the cause of discovery.

Vivek ji's art work


When we are creative we are close to divine

Vivek ji


Living beyond boundaries

Vivek ji's art work


 I exist within you.......

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