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"My love and gratitude for this existence is expressed through poetry"- Vivek ji 

Vivek ji have penned many poems both in Hindi and English, he has deep interest in poetry as medium of expression. On his own words " Poems are refined way of expressing gratitude towards this existence which has given everything to us"

Vivek ji has been active in reviving the poetry circles in India and promoting it through various program, on the year 2011 AHA started a day for poet and celebrates it as Poet day. On this special day AHA also gives prizes for the people working hard in literary circles of India and abroad.


"Oneness is there because duality exist,

I exist because you exist,

May the form and lives are different,

But one creates the other, as has created,

I was a stone and still, but now I have been called a sculpture.

What a change one finds, I found it within you, with you,

Wish I remember the past in future, to see what I was and what I am now,

Not to differentiate but to define.


How can I say what happen, when the words does not find the way, they should,

May I say to the universe now, the silence has surpassed?

Deep with in you, I merge and merge,

Let the silence speak something, as you do

One exists within you".


                      -Vivek ji

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