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Each of us have a duty towards ourselves to express the divinity within us" - Vivek ji

Vivek ji - "The infinite journey of mankind, in this vast space is full of examples, of people, of things who have experienced something which can not be put on words, which can not be explained, only experienced. This vary experience has no way to explain but some people have tried to explain it but fully has lost it, how could you explain something which is inexplicable?

There was a sadhu in Varanashi, pretty well known, his name was Swami Arunesh, once he was sitting and grinding some stone in the middle of the market, people were keep coming and going, looking at him in awe , some laughing some thinking he is mad, some wondering about him.

One passerby asked Swami ji what has he been doing ? Grinding the stone and then throwing it in to the river? If he has to throw it in the river why does he grind when it has no purpose?

Its very obvious for anyone to find the absurdity of the act, but it was much deeper what Swami ji had in his mind. He said " people are keep coming to me and asking to explain the way to divine? They ask me for the trick and this is what i am showing.

Now the passerby became serious, and asked Swami ji to explain it in the detail. Swami ji said when you are not trying to find something, when you are not trying to satisfy your mundane goal as there is no goal, when you are not trying to accumulate, as everything is yours, when you are not trying to find meaning of an act, when you are just with the act itself, when it does not matter what people are thinking about it, when the outcome is immaterial , when everything losses its meaning that is when the the most meaningful starts appearing.


Actually this world has become too phony, people talk about there experience as an audio book, repeating shamelessly. When i sit with so called Holy people in closed door they ask me do you think there is God? But these are only the people who go out side and preach about the existence of the God and show the methods of finding the peace, silence, bliss.

A mystics does not tell you what they have found but they throw you in that experience and laugh, this is the way of mystics.

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