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Vivek ji standing among ruins


Each of us have a duty towards ourselves to express the divinity within us" - Vivek ji

Vivek ji says - "On our endless journey through space, there are many examples of people and things who have felt something that cannot be described or put into words; only experienced. Some have attempted to describe this strange phenomenon, but they have completely failed. How can you put words to an unfathomable phenomenon?


Swami Arunesh was a famous sadhu in Varanasi. As he sat in the center of the market grinding a stone, people came and went, some marveled, some thought he was crazy, and still others wondered what had become of him. 


A curious onlooker wanted to know what Swami ji had been up to recently. Do you really want to grind the stone and then dump it into the river? Since grinding serves no use other than tossing it into the river, why does he bother?


It's easy for anybody to see the ridiculousness of the deed, but Swami ji's thoughts ran much deeper. "People keep coming to me and asking me to explain the way to divine?" he said. This is the trick I'm showing them when they ask me for it.


The onlooker took it seriously and wanted Swami ji to clarify everything. According to Swami ji, the most meaningful things begin to emerge when you stop seeking them out, when you stop trying to achieve your mundane goals—because there aren't any—when you stop trying to accumulate—because everything is yours—and when you stop trying to find the meaning of an act—because you're just involved with the act itself—and when it stops caring what other people think, when the result is irrelevant, and when everything loses its meaning, this is when real meanings begin to appear.


In reality, people nowadays are far too fake; they brazenly repeat themselves when discussing their experiences, as if they were an audio book. In private conversations with so-called holy people, they always seem to want to know my opinion on the existence of God. But they are the very few who venture out into the world to proclaim the gospel of God's existence and provide instruction on how to achieve inner calm and contentment.


It is the way of mystics to not reveal their discoveries but to immerse you in their experiences while laughing."

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