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Vivek ji

Heritage defines us, if we cant take care of our heritage we can not take care of our future
- Vivek ji

Vivek ji Says - "Heritage is the connection to human society; we may not wish to live in that society, but it is our history, and how we choose to view it reveals our consciousness.



India has a lot to teach us about modernity from her illustrious past. I know, people look down on me when I say that, but really, we can learn a lot from India's scientific achievements, architectural marvels, water conservation practices, and sustainable lifestyle standards. So far, no one has figured it out. Together with our history, which is essential for deciphering it, we must also keep our less-than-glorious and scarred artifacts safe. We can't look at the coin from just one angle; I get that some of us may not want to repeat certain mistakes, but why do we stay in the same house when there are a few stains? Shall we? We fix it and make sure the house stays together. As a people, we have the ability to dream big, to question our very existence, and to challenge our own mental states because of our heritage. Our heritage also helps to shape our culture by revealing our origins and the reasons behind them.


Our nation has failed in its duty to preserve its historical sites, which are important for more than just family vacations; they are also places of education and reflection on our nation's past. 


I am saddened by the condition of our legacy because it prevents us from celebrating the achievements of our ancestors. On top of the fact that we would have no idea who or what they are, the thought of being an unknown, helpless orphan fills me with dread. For a nation to decide to become an orphan is truly tragic....


One of my primary goals of founding Ananda hi Ananda is to further the cause of heritage protection.  we have been able to save a few temples, chronicle them, their spiritual domain, and their model, but due to a lack of funding and other factors, I have not been able to make it as lively as I would have liked. 


I believe it is my responsibility to speak here today in this ancient community of which we know nothing, a place that has existed here since the Middle Ages and was once the wealthiest in the area; how did we get here? Did you know that the very temple where we are gathered here today was the site of cotton research? Aren't your connections something you're proud of? 


When we begin to value and protect our history, as a nation, we will gain self-assurance and be ready to face the future with pride."

2014- Kalamb, Maharastra, " Joy of the day"

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