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Heritage defines us, if we cant take care of our heritage we can not take care of our future

- Vivek ji

" How we look into our heritage shows our consciousness, heritage is our the link to the human society, may that society we wouldn't want to live but this is what our history has been.


I feel India as a country with her rich heritage offers a lot to learn from her glorious past, i know when i say glorious past people start frowning on me, but yes glorious past, that glory is about science, building methods, water conservation, sustainable living, and all that what you proclaim modern. But who has decoded it? and to decode we need to preserve our heritage, with this shall also be preserved what was not glorious and stained. We cant see the coin from one face, i know there were things that we may not want to repeat but for few stains none of us changes our house? do we? we repair it and keep the house intact. Our Heritage gives us hope, to defy our own state of mind, it gives us dreams, it allow us to rethink our own existence. Heritage also defines our culture, it allows one to see where we have come from and why?

We as a country have failed to protect our heritage, its not only the job of the government but its the work of citizens and that needs much involved citizens than currently involved, they are not only the place for family outings but learning and dwelling in the past.

When i see the state of our heritage i feel pain deeply as we wont be able to showcase what historically our forefathers were able to do. And not only that we would not be able to know anything about them, this makes me feel afraid, it makes me feel suddenly an orphan who does not know about anything. A country when it chooses to becomes orphan its just sad ....

Heritage conservation is one of my main vision through Ananda hi Ananda, with the lack of funds and many thing i have not been able to take it as dynamic i want but still we have been able to preserve few temples, documented them, their spiritual sphere as well as their model.


I think i have taken this journey of heritage conservation as my duty this is what today i am speaking in this old village to which we have no memory but this has been here since the middle ages, a village that was once the most rich in region, but how come we are like this today? This is the place where cotton was researched in the same temple where we are sitting today ? don't you feel proud on your connections?

The day we start preserving our heritage this nation would feel confident in its own journey, this is the day we would emerge as a a nation of glorious future.


2014- Kalamb, Maharastra, " Joy of the day"

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