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Sacred Chants 

India is a land of chanting,lets rediscover the chants of India with Vivek ji. 

Chanting has been one of the very idea of Indian spirituality, when India as a civilisation took the leap to undertatsnd the human consciousness and divine goal of us, with many philosophies and methods chanting was also discovered.

In Ancient India the chants were everywhere, people were chanting and praising the name of god on certain way. It gave them the profoundness and allowed them to go deeper and deeper in themselves to discover what life is ?

This method slowly accumulated so much respect as a medium to reach divine goal that every single religion which is born in this land of India has chanting as a core of their teachings.

Chanting is very effective, it allows the control and management of breath that we take, in turn this helps us to reach deeper in ourselves.

Chanting also gave way to Kirtans, bhajans and slowly qwallis  which Sufi mystics do all over the world.

What have found that many ancient Vedic, Buddhist and jain sutras which have profound synergy if you chant them have been lost, people do not know how to chant them. So lets start and understand the melodies and the way of chants them, lets discover and spread chants of India. 

-Vivek ji 

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