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 "Peace is the manifestation of your inner harmony” - Vivek ji

Vivek ji - "People, society and civilization historically have treated peace as something which comes or which is led through external forces. But the people from spiritual arena have always seen peace as an idea that comes from within. Lord Buddha had said once that “peace is the manifestation of your inner harmony”

 “Peace is awareness of ourselves, peace is being mindful of our connection to the world that surrounds us. Peace is opening our heart and mind, peace is a thought without judgment. Peace is acceptance of life as it is in this moment, and gratitude for all that is. Peace itself is a process in which nonviolent solutions to healthy conflict are repeatedly explored and developed in a co-operative and collaborative way.”

“Peace, however, is also seen as concord, or harmony and tranquility. It is viewed as peace of mind or serenity. For some people it is easily associated with 'nothing happening', an unwelcome 'silence', or straight-up boredom. The beauty is that different people have given different meaning to the peace but it all reaches in a sphere where each and every one of us given a chance to prosper and have a way to live in Ananada (Bliss)."

Vivek ji is founder of Indian Peace Council which aims to promote and work towrds peace making in this world.


Indian peace council is an idea promoted and established by the founder of ananda hi ananda with a single aim to create a dialogue and establish a forum, where conflicts are talked about as well as to find the solution. By which peace can glare its identity through collaborative work. Until now we have known the conflicts only in human dimensions. But if we start looking around us, we would find that the way society has led its feather to blow it is surrounded by violence in every nook and corner. This is an irony of the world that conflicts are only seen one dimensional, but there are conflicts between human, there are conflicts between human and nature, there are conflicts between ideas and views too. Indian peace council would like to work in every kind of conflict with a prime motive to rope in as many as people possible, specially the youth of every nation.

The need to form Indian peace council came only while looking at the facts that youth of many nations have no idea and relationship about conflicts that happened or taken place around the world. Currently any work towards bringing peace would achieve its goal, when not only few people but a mass of society start working together, Men and women, young and old, Asian and African, European and American. Every one of us has to work together if we want to leave this planet earth better that what we received.


Vivek ji -"If every culture and society has to work to manifest peace in our lives, it requires a multiple approach. With a great opportunity in this 21st century one has to rope in every kind of technological innovations specially information and technology. There has been much research and paper published about conflicts and their causes. It has become clearer that a healthy mind in society leads to peaceful lives. Our one of the basic approach would be to use various techniques such as meditation to explore and manifest itself in peace building"

"There are many things that divide us, like our color, culture, language, religion etc. but there are things like music, poetry, happiness which unite us, brings us together. Indian peace council would like to bring various cultural activities that can bring us in common platform. It will use art as one of medium through which one can reach to a common ground where a dialogue would be possible. Indian peace council will also reach and work on conflicts zone of the world and India to bring possible solutions. It will also send its councilors to those locations where peace has been disturbed. Indian peace council would make it available to the society with diverse program to reach the different communities and nation in regular interval to keep the idea of peace alive in our mind"

"Indian peace council would also create a database of conflicts (primarily for India and later on across the world) using innovation technologies, to make available the first hand information and related materials to general public to include their views and create a forum where participation of various people would be possible. As long as conflicts are not talked about no one would know about them. There are people suffering at different part of the world because of so many issues but due to the lack of information and reports, no one cares about it. Indian peace council would like to bring in technology in sophisticated way that require to collects the information of conflicts in our daily lives"

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