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Vivek ji at Old fort
Vivek ji in Italy
Vivek ji in France
Vivek ji at India
Vivek ji at Second world war memoria
Vivek ji at Netherlands
Vivek ji at Belgium
Vivek ji at Rotterdam

 "Moving around and expierencing unity is one of the most important thing for me" -Vivek ji 

VIVEK JI - "I was visiting one of the islands, Molene in Brittany coast in France, we were there for a long walk as well as i wanted to see some of the caves in Molene long time back they were used for Meditation.

There is quite a history about Molene, its not a kind of place where many people would like to go, as its windy, cold, one can not swim in the water as its very rocky, prone to accidents. Not much to do unless you wanted to do something for yourselves. It was long used by the christian monks to do Sadhna, there are still the ruins of monastery there. It was also first defense line against British by German forces, in second world war. But for me it's beautiful landscapes full of adventures, beautiful, windy and rocky. It is mix of human emotions.


I was going around thinking about those soldiers who were stationed by Hitlers army, i could imagine them being unhappy,  as this place is for Sadhus, not for the soldiers who want to fight with others but for those who want to find peace within.

After a long walk i saw a kind of Shivlinga there, locals have put all around flowers and it was very significant, i asked an old resident of Molene about it, what i was told is very interesting. The residents told me that its a tradition to pay homage. However the whole population was christian, there were old ruins of Churches and all that, but people still paid there homage to Shivlinga. I asked some other locals on the other end of the Islands if they are aware of the traditions? They said for generation they are venerating the stones as one of the oldest resident of the islands.


This is the beauty of the world that people are basically same, they have discovered same sort of spiritual and philosophical anchoring, its only the modern mind that wants to divide all of us, else we are all same. There is similarity in our expressions to pay gratitude to the existence"

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