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Vivek ji at River tappti

We believe that our rivers are holy because we know that they hold of the tale of Indian Civilization, and that tale is the glory of India." - Vivek ji

Honorable Vivek ji has been actively involved in India's holy river conservation, the first of the activity started in central India at the origin of Taapti river Multai. In the year 2015 Vivek ji took foot march in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh and took the pledge to revive the origin of Taapti River. Since 2015 there has been gradual changes, with the participation of common man and directions envisioned by Vivek ji. With the grassroots involvement and the willingness of local administration, great changes have taken place, its a case study in itself for river rejuvenation.

In the year 2016 after attending Kumbh at Ujjain Vivek ji was invited for the Pad Yatra ( Foot March) of Shipra river to create mass awareness and stand with among common man for the preservation and conservation of Holy Shipra River. Vivek ji walked along 10s of thousands people for two days covering 52 kilometer in scorching heat of summer month of June.

Vivek ji has said many times "to revive the holy rivers of India there is need of mass awareness and involvement of all the social and political classes which shall help to create a new medium to find creative solutions for the problem. This mass awareness is not only the work of government agencies but also holy people who have to walk, plead, aware and create that emotional bonding's which helps common man to take stock holding in this kind of campaign. Government can play only subsidiary role, the river protection is the work of all common people as we are solely responsible for polluting the rivers. These rivers do not only help us in agriculture and need of drinking water but they also hold the symphony of Indian civilization. If they are polluted and not cared then the symphony of our civilization is also at stake"


In the Month of December 2016 Hon Vivek ji is invited to take part in "Namami Devi Narmade" Yatra organized by Madhya Pradesh Government.

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