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Vivek ji at Ruins of Indian heritage


"What work am i doing? The same work that we all should do to express peace, love and truth from us "-Vivek ji

Vivek ji as a man whose passion reaches all corners of existence, not rebel but he encouters everything that comes in life, a fearless since childhood. In his early childhood his interests took him to all the places in India, when ages 11 he attended his first holy festival Kumbh and then chardham yatra. Adventurist since his early age, deep interest in languages and culture, his interest and passion took him all the corners of the world through his college and formal education. His education sums up with all the quarters of schooling and college beyond the national boundaries. He has the the touch of a man who speaks in the language which is understood by a village children to top corporate, yogis and seekers all alike, whose message embarks journey of mankind.

Vivek ji


We all have one unique thing to spread - our inner silence

Vivek ji's art work


The whole existence is only calling for harmony

Vivek ji walking in an old ruins


Our heritage has all the answers of our existence

Vivek ji others during a program


India has a tradition of Pad yatra since it was a way to connect and revive the consciousness

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